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Lange, Karin Diabetes Work Book for children E-Book (EPUB) ArtNr.: ISBN 978-3-87409-664-5

Children with diabetes:a treatment and training program

  • Diabetes Work Book for children E-Book (EPUB)
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ISBN 978-3-87409-664-5
1. Auflage 2018 EPUB-Version
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Diabetes Work Book for children
Children with diabetes:a treatment and training program

Editor: Karin Lange et al.

Diagnosis diabetes! You just heard about it.
But what does that mean for you and for your parents?

Ian (10 years old) has diabetes since a few years. He is talking about his everyday life, his favorite sports, his friends, and his experiences with the disease.

Diabetes in children: a treatment and training program

In five chapters Ian explains:
• What is diabetes actually?
• Food and drinks for children with diabetes
• How to treat myself well with insulin?
• What do I need to do to keep my blood glucose from going too high or too low?
• How do I notice that my blood glucose is too high or too low?

Ian is telling you, what is important to know about diabetes and to have a good life like any other child: go to school, having parties, sports, and do everything, what else you love to do. He also has many practical tips for you, and you can train with him, how to get along well with diabetes.

In the sixth chapter Ian introduces his twelve-year old friend Laura. Together with her parents she is just learning how she can calculate her insulin dose by herself.

Each chapter ends with a small knowledge check – so you can see how much you’ve learned about diabetes. An extra brochure for your parents includes suggestions and assistance for a relaxed family life with diabetes.

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